Proficiency-based diploma under scrutiny

An excerpt from the article: one interviewee, Laurie Edminster “said her job is to implement software systems for college admissions offices that track applicants and all their information. She said she asked an admissions officer at a Boston university about proficiency-based grading systems, “and she rolled her eyes at me. She said, ‘We put those in a separate pile because we can’t differentiate students.’ Admissions software does not track a separate HOWLs grade (habits of work and learning) so it will not be used in the admissions process, and here we are making a big deal of separating it out.”


Scores attend legislative hearing to debate merits of proficiency based diploma

“Lawmakers hear testimony on bills to delay, significantly change or repeal the six-year-old law that was a key education reform of the LePage administration.”

It’s not too late to voice your concerns — there is a committee worksession this Friday, April 13th, at 1 pm. Click here to contact the members and share your voice.

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Governor proposes changing the proficiency-based diploma law

LD 1898 (HP 1336)
“An Act To Amend Maine’s High School Diploma Standards and Ensure Maine Students Meet State Standards upon Graduation”
(Governor’s Bill)
Sponsored by Representative Phyllis Ginzler


The House and Senate are in for a fourth day this week but plan to take Friday off.LePage is still introducing new bills with fewer than two weeks left until the statutory adjournment date of April 18. According to today’s House calendar, the Republican governor has introduced one proposal to exempt holdings in retirement and education savings accounts from consideration for Medicare and Medicaid services and another that would eliminate the state’s fledgling proficiency-based diploma requirement and replace it with a requirement that graduates meet alternative state standards.


Uncertainty rules as Maine lawmakers lurch toward adjournment