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Extended reading about PBE

In my quest to find unbiased research (as in not paid for by some organization that financially benefits from the PBE restructuring of our schools), I’ve run into a few pieces that shed a bit of a light. Unsurprisingly, most of them specifically mention that there’s no real evidence-based research showing the supposed benefits of standards, competency or proficiency-based education. Often, what is shared (and sometimes posed as a success story) is anecdotal and not necessarily something that is easily replicated — because each student, each teacher, each school, each school district (especially here in Maine) is unique.

COMPETENCY-BASED EDUCATION: An Overview for Michigan’s Superintendents (Source: — Maine is cited throughout

PRELIMINARY IMPLEMENTATION OF MAINE’S PROFICIENCY‐BASED DIPLOMA PROGRAM (Source: — Not a research paper, but an article that cites quite a lot of other education research

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