School districts in Maine rethink PBL

With the change in the law, districts throughout the state are reassessing where they stand and where they want to go.

York schools recently decided that they weren’t ready to move to a full PBL implementation, and will be granting credit-based diplomas and using a traditional grading system. The principal sent out a letter to the parents, explaining his and his vice principal’s thoughts on the matter and what it means for the students in the district.

Just as in our district, RSU9 is now revisiting PBL and its efficacy and implementation.

Per comments online and the latest school board meeting, it looks like MSAD75 (Topsham – Mt. Ararat) is also moving back to 0-100 — and they are reopening the conversation for PBL in younger grades, as well (not just high school). — editorial from an Education Committee member of the state Senate

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