April 11th Board Workshop on Proficiency

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We are currently compiling feedback from parents, students, and staff about how the new grading system is going at the high school. At the April 11th Board workshop at Pownal Elementary School, we will share the results with the Board, give a brief overview of implementation of PBE in RSU5, and make recommendations for going forward. At that time, the Board will decide whether to vote to amend the existing grading policy or whether to ask for further data to be gathered. At that Board workshop, there will be an opportunity for Board and parents to ask questions, give input, and have more of an open dialogue which is not the case when an update is being given to the Board. We encourage you to attend this meeting if you have questions or concerns or just want to better understand proficiency-based education.
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​Becky J. Foley
Superintendent of Schools
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