Board Meeting, RSU 5, March 14, 2018

Despite many parents speaking at this meeting (for almost 50 minutes), these were the only official Board meeting notes captured:

Meeting Minutes:

Compared to previous minutes (, the minutes on 3/14 seem rather sparse and lacking any detail. The most glaring omission — there was no mention next to the parents’ names about the subject of their comments. A simple “proficiency-based education opinion” next to each would have been a start. Anyone not attending the meeting has to watch the video (that can be daunting to even consider starting at 3+ hours long) to have any idea why so many parents spoke.

If you want to know what parents had concerns about (and you haven’t been able to glean it from the minutes), watch the video, starting with the public comments period at timestamp 2:50 and continues through till 51:30. That’s almost 50 minutes of comments from parents. This was what got summarized in the official Board Meeting Minutes as just a list of parent names.

While I applaud the board being regularly open to having parents speak (without having to go through the formal process of having to request time on the agenda), the minutes should at least reference the subject matter of anyone speaking at the meeting. It shouldn’t just be a roll call or attendance sheet. This is an official, public record of the meeting. And when I read these minutes, I have no idea what was actually discussed at a meeting that lasted over 3 hours.


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