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Board Meeting, RSU 5, April 11, 2018; Proficiency-based Education Workshop

Over 4 hours of presentations, questions and discussions. The majority of which was about proficiency-based education and grading in our district.

Scores attend legislative hearing to debate merits of proficiency based diploma

“Lawmakers hear testimony on bills to delay, significantly change or repeal the six-year-old law that was a key education reform of the LePage administration.” It’s …

A Plan to Kill High School Transcripts … and Transform College Admissions

“My initial read is that this would be a good set of information to augment a traditional transcript but, by itself, could harm students seeking …

Outcome of Maine’s plan for proficiency-based diplomas is up in the air

Three bills offer a range of delaying, changing or killing the controversial graduation requirement.

Proficiency-based diploma under scrutiny

An excerpt from the article: one interviewee, Laurie Edminster “said her job is to implement software systems for college admissions offices that track applicants and …

Proficiency-based education — what some teachers are saying

“I Had 20 Kids In 20 Spots:” Where Student-Paced Learning Has And Hasn’t Worked In Maine

What's Happening in RSU 5?

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Proficiency/standards-based education and grading are in the news throughout the state. Check the posts and read some quick points about our concerns to learn more. And after checking out the info, please reach out to RSU 5's Board to share your thoughts. This community feels the changes may have unintended effects that have not been properly researched. Feedback from teachers, parents, and the community is encouraged.

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